The original website was discontinued in 2005.
A selection of pages on Transcendental Meditation has been republished
by the Scientia Institute, with the permission of Society.
Except where noted, entire contents Copyright 1995-2001 Society.
We at Scientia believe that TM works fine, but we disagree with the high price and with the methods and the behavior of the TM organization.

Please also visit this webpage about Transcendental Meditation

This study was described by as negative for Transcendental Meditation while it was just neutral about generic Meditation. Check by yourself.
This is an example of how the old website was not always correct.

From the original homepage: Meditation is one of nature's miracles [...] And TM seems to be as good or better than any of the forms of meditation that we know of [...] We believe that the majority of people who practice TM will find that they enjoy it [...] We do, however, think there is evidence that it is either not effective [...] for a certain percentage of the population, on the order of 10% to 20% [...] We do feel that the TM movement [...] is in need of serious reform to bring it in line with the ethical - even legal - standards our culture expects.

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We at Scientia believe that TM works fine, but we disagree with the high price. These web pages are reported for historical reasons, to show how the TM Organization was able to attract criticism even if the TM technique actually works.