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These pages, about Transcendental Meditation, have been saved by the Scientia Institute.
We at Scientia believe that TM works fine, but we disagree with the high price
and with the methods and the behavior of the TM organization.



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Research On
Transcendental Meditation ®

Transcendental Meditation: Objective Research on TM

Notice. We at Scientia believe that TM works fine, but we disagree with the high price. These web pages are reported for historical reasons, to show how the TM Organization was able to attract criticism even if the TM technique actually works.

Several important studies have shown that TM is actually "unique", and much more effective than "Progressive Relaxation" or similar techniques. Such studies have been published on important articles such as: Eppley et al., Differential Effects of Relaxation Techniques on trait Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis, Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45: 957-974, 1989. There are 150 important studies like that (even though the TM Organization claims they are 600+).

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